Mr. Zhaohui Jia has more than 20 years of working experience in design and real estate, and has various experience in building and technical management in areas such as super high-rise buildings, urban complexes and five-star hotels. The super high-rise projects which he is responsible for are second to none in China and he has been praised by the industry as “the first person in China's super high-rise development”.


As a technical expert in the real estate field, he has been invited to participate in the industry high-end summit: China Super Tall Building Industry Summit, Colloque franco-chinois sur le développement durable architectural et urbain and other international forums and served as a guest speaker.


Mr. Zhaohui Jia has participated in the international review meeting of architectural plans organized by the Urban and Rural Planning Bureau and well-known real estate enterprises as an expert judge. He has published many professional articles in Chinese journals such as “Architectural Technique” and “Urbanism and Architecture”.