National First-class Registered Architect

National Registered Urban Planner



Ms. Zhu joined Shanghai Zendai Property in 2005 and is responsible for the product development, strategic deployment and design management for those brand such as "Himalayas Center", "DaMeiZhi Square" and "JiuJianTang".


Thereinto, the creative city complex, "Himalayan Center of Nanjing", practices the concept of " City with Landscape", aiming to create the landscape with city and nature in harmonious coexistence so as to achieve the spiritual Himalayas and become an advocate for real estate development with quality and art. With the many years' exploration and research in real estate industry, Ms. Zhu is possessed with innovation consciousness, rich operational experience and comprehensive planning skills in high-quality commercial real estate industry. In addition, she always insists on the core concepts of 'design innovation' and 'design creation value'.