Founder &Creative Director of Hangzhou Dianshang Building Decoration Design Co., Ltd. Yaoguang Chen is the graduate of the first grading class of environmental art major at China Academy of Art in1987. He has been playing a leading role in professional association. Either in his dedicated art space or in highly commercialized space, he always keeps the strong design professionalism. With unique visual and spatial design philosophy, he has managed his works between the two extremities of art and commerce. With the least decorative symbols, the most natural design elements, he constructs various spaces of light, color, sound and space. During 30 years working experiences, he successfully involved in space, display, device, vision and cultural communication. He has won numerous recognized awards over the years, including Top 10 most influential Chinese designers, the First prize of China Interior Design Competition for seven years during 1996 and 2005, the winner of AD100 for four terms during 2013 and 2019, The top fifty Mr. Modern of Asia in 2010 and the same for Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito etc. He is known as “Spokesman of design of contemporary culture and art space”, “The most splendid designer for memorial hall of celebrity” “Star designer who wonderfully performance crossover art”. He is crowned “lyric poet of interior design” due to his courtyard located in site of southern Song dynasty palace and free range life in his island in Qiandao Lake.

Guanghe Yard, the latest design of Chen Yaoguang, is a fusion of art exhibitions, product development, designers' meeting room, Chen's private museum etc. Meanwhile, Guanghe design team is emerging with the goal of conveying the original design perspective and spatial aesthetic philosophy, and spreading ideas about life, art and design.