Sophie is an unusual mix of creative campaigner, practicing designer and agitator. She has been working in the fields of sustainable design, behaviour change and material process for over 20 years; through her design agency, Thomas.Matthews ltd; and through a number of campaigning posts including Director of Circular Economy at the RSA. A curiosity in material disposal, recycling and recovering led Sophie to share her experience of closed-loop thinking with other designers. In 2012, she founded The Great Recovery , a programme to build capacity and understanding of circular design in the materials supply chain, that she ran through the RSA, supported by Innovate UK for four years until 2016. 

Her long-term interest in materials and waste that has taken her around the world, exploring attitudes to waste (including a day working on the bins) and helping networks including designers, scientists waste managers, businesses and politicians to re-design systems for resources recovery. Sophie works with government, businesses and designers around the world to build narrative around green living and creative sustainability. Using the insight taken from end-of-life processes she has built an in-depth knowledge of material re-use. She has worked and lectured around the world and has exhibited in many countries across Europe and Asia. She is the first designer to become a Chartered Waste Manager, is a trustee for WRAP UK, designs, writes and talks about designing out waste. and has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship at UAL.