Aidan’s MA in History from Cambridge University was a highly appropriate education, he claims, for his ‘first career’ in furniture design and cabinetmaking – itself an admirable preparation for 20 years of writing for, editing and directing design magazines. He has editorially directed almost all the professional UK design magazines, including FX, Blueprint, Design, Grand Designs, icon and onoffice. As Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and director of Aidan Walker Associates, he now creates, curates, presents and chairs conference and seminar programmes such as ‘Art for Tomorrow’ for The New York Times and the content programmes for the Global Design Forum, Design Shanghai and Grand Designs Live. He is also Content Director of culture travel channel Leading Culture Destinations and its related awards scheme.

Aidan has practised Hatha Yoga, including a spell teaching, all his adult life, and in his 20s spent six years as a fully dedicated member of the Brahma Kumaris, living and teaching the principles of Raja Yoga – 100% celibacy, 4am meditation 365 days a year, ‘in the world but not of it’. This led to the publication of his book ‘The Ecology of the Soul – Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World’ in 2016. His new book ‘Mindful Design – Principles and Practice’ is currently in preparation, combining his experience in the creative and professional world with a lifetime of meditation and mindfulness – long before it was fashionable. Aidan lives in rural Sussex with his family, his dogs, his Ducati racing motorbike and his guitars.