Following a great success in IDEAT FUTURE AWARD 2019, IDEAT CHINA is organizing and launching the next edition in 2020. As one of the most influential design award of the region and the country, IDEAT FUTURE AWARD 2020 will continue to select, present and celebrate the best designs in the world for Chinese audience. 


IDEAT CHINA has established its reputation as the synonym of contemporary life with its global editorial network and Chinese insight, featuring the best in architecture, design, art, fashion and travel etc. While the era of AI is bringing us into a dramatically changed and diversified world, which results anxiety towards the unknown, undetermined, unpredictable and leaving comfortable zone, our old lifestyle and society value has been altered ever since and even replaced. However, instead of refusing, we believe that embracing the uncertain future is the best way of coping with a tricky new world. It is such a positive attitude that motivate people to actively seek the solution of creativity and imagination for future. The uncertainty in this case whereas demonstrates the spirit of seeking practically, thinking openly, exploring uniquely, and never the least, never cease to creating. Based on the thinking above, ‘Embrace Uncertainty’ has been chosen as the theme of this year’s award.


As the Fifth edition, IDEAT FUTURE AWARD 2020 - ‘Embrace Uncertainty’ will set 4 categories and 14 awards. On the basis of maintaining the consistent selection criteria: innovation, crossover, sustainability and perceptiveness, for this year we want to focus more on what is happening in China or could happen in the next five years, evaluate and award those talents and projects which inspire us and enhance our present and impending lives.