10 of China’s most influential emerging designers will present their design works onsite, and compete for the best Emerging Chinese Designer Award at Design Shanghai 2018 in March. The Platform is a key driver in the development of China’s design power, showcasing the innovative yet practical works of the new generation. In this way, Chinese local designers can bring together the cultures of the East and the West, to wisely combine aesthetics, innovation, and function, and truly be internationally recognized.



HEI is an experience tea set made of Chinese Yixing clay, which is inspired by ancient Chinese tea ceremony. DEFRONT combined Eastern and Western tea culture, redesigned tea drinking and infusion process, made it adaptable by modern life. It combines the merits of traditional tea ceremony and the convenience of using a tea bag. A Cup, a thermometer, a teapot, three simple pieces can provide an experience that traditional tea ceremony could.。




mini-sofa by TELLS Studio 

"we use stainless steel for the frame and leather for the surface of sponge cushion A large and a small It looks like a father and son in conversation"

——TELLS Studio

TellsStudio designerTellsStudio designer



Table-ware Collection by Yueyun Song

Yueyun Song is a designer and lecturer at Massey University, in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Previously a product designer in Guangzhou, China, Yueyun has expertise in design, design strategy and product development, refinement and collaboration through her extensive experience in the Chinese manufacturing and mass production industry. Yueyun’s work focused on ways to develop the relationship between user and product by facilitating an emotional attachment to the product. Encourage people to realise the value of exist and the meaning of products rather than the aspects of function and usability. Her product designs include table-ware, light shape, furniture, watch and jewellery, focusing on how to evoke people’s emotions through her designs.

Songyuejun DesignerSongyuejun Designer



Jade-sofa by Li Tian

The floor lamp is designed in a very simple way, consisting of two discs and two metal rods. We often read in the light. When we want to have a rest, we can put the book on the lamp. And just take down and open it when we want to read it again next time. Here, the lamp acts as a bookmark, recording your reading time.

Li Tianlitian designer



Floating Moutains by Yen Object

This is not only a form. This is a thinking philosophy. YEN OBJECT tried to re-think about the object in oriental way in our daily life. categories.

yanwu designeryanwu designer



The 33 Step chair by Tan Zhipeng 

The 33 Step chair is the most visceral work to come of out Tan’s studio. There are 33 vertebrae in a human spine, hence the name for this chair that inverts the body and places the cervical vertebrae on the floor and the pelvis as the seat. The original "seat" of the internal structure of the human body has now become a "seat" for external use. People sitting in chairs, or people were sitting in a chair?At the moment, the relationship between active and passive has been transformed in the work.

Sadanyi TanzhipengSadanyi Tanzhipeng



Track Collection by Umi Design

The idea of track series products originates from the orbits of plants. The whole series implements an interactive relationship between products and consumers in a simple form by eliminating redundant element. Interactivity not ony refers to the communication between people and product, but also the relationship between product and environment.

zhengtaiping design zhengtaiping design


Furniture Collection by Guo Lijun

guolijun designguolijun design


Inside Outside Collection by Wang Zhen

For the “Inside outside” series, the malleability of the glass is aquality that allows the designer to address imagination on theinterior/exterior of a space, for which “In the absence, itcan function as a container”. The interaction and incompatibility between thesurface space of the furniture and the interior space of the glass allows thenotion of the “container” to present another new space.