It is the first platform of its kind in Greater China. Now in its fifth year, the platform has produced a series of winners who, under the mentorship of the platform, have gone on to enjoy international success and recognition. Ten of China’s most influential, up-and-coming designers will present their works under the theme of New China Fusion this year. One of the designers will be chosen by the on-site judging panel as the winner of the Emerging Chinese Designer Platform 2019.


With continued globalization, cultures and lifestyles from different parts of the world are rapidly blending into each other. East and West, traditional and modern, technology and the humanities, entertainment and culture… things that were formerly separate and different are becoming more integrated, leading to a plethora of new possibilities. Amidst these developments, we need to be able to feel change, discover opportunities, and think deeply in order to retain clarity of mind.


As a new generation of Chinese designers, they not only need to freely absorb from other cultures, but also engage with a diversity of new issues and questions. How will this new generation set forth on their journey? How will they question the complexity of the world in order to create a modern lifestyle that is both uniquely Chinese in nature yet global in outlook? “New China Fusion” is about how the present will affect the future.