MDP is a project of the Russian Product Design Association and the Guild of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Experts of Design Industry, organized with the support of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is the first official participation of Moscow design industry's representatives in Beijing Design Week and one of the main directions for the Moscow World Design Capital 2024 strategic development program, focusing on “Made in Russia” brand awareness worldwide and expanding cultural and business collaboration with the design organizations and companies in China. As a part of this year project, plans for the program "Moscow - the guest city of Beijing Design Week" will be discussed during the event in Beijing. 

MDP participants: Belsi (furniture), Art Up Studio (industrial design), Panacom (product design & architecture), Artmetallab (decorative metal compositions), Zebrano (furniture), Bonitacasa (acoustic wall panels), Artvivo (artistic casting of bronze and brass), Olga Podolskaya (light design), Ekaterina Zakirova (tableware), Perinne (textile & product design).


MDP Curators:  Anastasia Krylova & Anna Bessmertnaya

Strategic Partner: Rosa Khutor Ski Resort

General Partner: MosBuild  




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