caesarstone will join design shanghai the first time with their theme exhibition stone age folk

From kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall paneling or even custom-made furniture, Our quartz surfaces are adaptable enough to use anywhere you dare. Whether you're looking for inspiration, or ready to take your interior décor to a whole new level, at Caesarstone we can help make it happen.

Caesarstone is proud to present its collaboration with world renowned designer Jaime Hayon for 2017. Hayon will use Caesarstone as a precious component of his whimsical universe inspired by Fauna – the natural world - and folklore. Blending fantasy with functionality, playfulness with craft and interactivity with cultural references, Hayon will create a kaleidoscopic, yet harmonic installation, which includes his signature smiling characters popping up throughout the space, alongside joyful carousels, wall panels, lights and tables.



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