Bolon unveils their new collaborative project in their return to Design Shanghai 2018

Bolon is an international design brand, designing innovated flooring. Founded in 1949, Stockholm, since then Bolon has kept it's innovated spirit in enviroment and design.The world's first production of zero-formaldehyde, 100 % phthalate free plasticiser in all of BOLON products. And get FloorScore / LEED, BREEAM, GreenTAG international environmental certificates. Since 2000, BOLON transformed traditional carpet weaving pattern into fashion design and innovative technology. BOLON carpet weaving vivid 3D effect, transform multiport pattern, warm colors, clear and detailed style, vibrant and both enlightening.

Our new collaborative project with Jean Nouvel Design led to the creation of a handmade, industrial flooring product with architectural sensibilities. Conceived over two years, over 150 woven samples were evaluated and countless small details refined before we were satisfied.



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