2016/ will join Design Shanghai first time with the highest technology of Japanese porcelain

The Japanese town of Arita has 400 years of porcelain making history, represents the highest technology of Japanese porcelain. The 2016/ project is being carried out as part of the Arita Porcelain 400th Anniversary Project. 2016/ aims to revive interest in and bring commerce back to this remarkable craft region and its makers, producing desirable, everyday porcelain products for the home.

Together creative directors Teruhiro Yanagihara and Scholten & Baijings are leading a venture that incorporates the efforts of 10 manufacturing companies from Arita with 16 international designers. The designers visited Arita and worked closely with local craftsmen to develop new collections for 2016/. With the diverse backgorund the designers have, they created a fresh perspective for the brand and designed these imaginative products.

As the agent of 2016/ in China, Rongji will present 2016/ at Design Shanghai for the first time in the Contemoprary Design Hall (Booth: C2-241), showing the perfect combination of traditional craftsmenship and contemporary design.



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