Founded in the late 1990’s, by Eric C. Sakellaropoulos, a Greek/French Canadian, in Mysore, South India — Origin of Indian Wood Inlay Art — A blessed piece of land, where the unique micro climate nourishes 40+ rare natural colored woods, where the world’s largest remaining wood inlay artisan community is still keen in preserving and practicing the authentic traditional techniques, providing abundant possibilities for Eric’s dream to manifest in the charming inlay art world. Thanks to his contemporary perspective, multi-culture art background, worldwide technology, and perfectionism, this timeless art has reached an ultimate peak in history, both in high end architectural interior projects and custom designed furniture, gaining tremendous appreciation and recognition. Each piece of inlay, be it wood, metal, or mother of pearl, is still being cut and polished, thoughtfully selected and assembled by hand — an art of luxury, a legend of time, a treat for the eyes and heart.