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Design Shenzhen 2024 Press Conference Success

Design Shenzhen 2024 Press Conference Success

On 24 November, 2023, the second edition of Design Shenzhen held a press conference at Vanke Nanshan in Shenzhen, officially announcing its launch. Scheduled for 21-24 March, 2024, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Design Shenzhen will revolve around the theme of "The Fusion of Design and Technology." It will bring together diverse creative designs, cutting-edge software and hardware technologies, and pioneering design solutions, showcasing the seamless integration of technology, art, and design.

The inaugural Design Shenzhen, held earlier this year, gathered over 200 domestic and international high-end design brands and independent designers from more than 30 countries and regions globally. With over 40,000 professional attendees, the event showcased how design reshapes future lifestyles. Design Shenzhen 2024 aims to further expand its global perspective, exploring how technology can elevate the functionality of products, environments, architecture, and more from a design perspective, aiding designers in their pursuit of innovation and practical application.

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