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Design Shenzhen 2024 Key Visual Design Unveiled: Fusion

Design Shenzhen 2024 Key Visual Design Unveiled: Fusion

CCD has been invited to take on the visual design and spatial design for Design Shenzhen 2024, injecting new vitality into the event with forward-thinking creativity.

The visual design and spatial design of 2024 Design Shenzhen is inspired by the physics concept of Fusion, which means that light nuclei are gathered together to form heavier nuclei. In the process of aggregation, the attraction between the nuclei makes them come closer together, ultimately forming a new and more stable substance that releases the enormous energy it contains.

We have extracted expressive super symbols to interpret the powerful and mysterious physical process of Fusion (Gathering & Revolution). It implying that Design Shenzhen platform will gather innovators and thinkers in various fields with Gathering, collide with creativity that generates great energy, and trigger unprecedented release and transformation of design energy with Revolution, realize the deep Fusion of design and technology. Our vision is to inspire creativity with design and renew imagination with technology, thus constructing a very vital and borderless future.

The combination of different forms of super symbols further enriches the main visual meaning. ‘<' implied view never seen before; ‘>' symbolizes the wonderful real-time play; ‘><' deduces the process of convergence and Fusion; ‘<>' is to initiate a future-oriented dialogue.

The basic structure of the spatial design is the BOX, A digital window symbolising the binary code, where visitors can walk through and feel the vitality of the scientific and technological flow, as if they were having a dialogue with Time, Space and the Future. The Cutting Angle design of the main visual is the extension of the super symbols, symbolizing an open platform for communication with borderless. And the overall color gradient from dark blue to light blue is an indication of a new future of technology-enabled design.

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