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Yang House


During Design Shanghai 2021, YANG HOUSE will bring a batch of new design pieces, including the new Fusheng Series and the sofa “Cloud”. Especially, YANG HOUSE tried to use the concept of origami to design a seat with both comfort and high-quality aesthetic value in this origami artwork. Tyvek® material is folded layer by layer to fully utilize the characteristics of waterproof, breathable, light, high toughness, tear resistance characteristics, formed a slender and light visual texture. This structure also makes the sofa more sturdy and durable, and allows users to obtain a comfortable sitting experience, achieving a high degree of unity in aesthetics and function. The pure fold design, like the "cloud", runs through the entire inner steel tube, a hollow giant space is created where you can place books while reading or let the pets play in.

As an industrial aesthetic brand, YANG HOUSE has always been committed to the exploration and research of materials, and accelerate the design innovation.