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Artron (Shenzhen) Art Centre

Nestled at the intersection of hustle and tranquility in Shenzhen, the Artron (Shenzhen) Art Centre is a hidden oasis in the city. It encompasses the Artron Art Wall, a museum-style library, themed reading rooms, and professional-grade art exhibition spaces. It serves as a hub for sharing cherished books, cultural lectures, art exhibitions, and community interactions, enriching the aesthetics of everyday life.

With the mission of "serving the professionals, benefiting the public," the Artron (Shenzhen) Art Centre provides a wealth of resources to art professionals, collectors, and seasoned art enthusiasts, including a collection of 150,000 professional art literature books, 80 art exhibitions, over 460 art courses, and more than 360 art activities. Through its rich content, exhibitions, and experiential activities, it promotes public art education and appreciation, aiming to elevate the artistic taste and refinement of the general public.