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Simone Casati

Simone Casati

Principal, Chief Designer, Design Director, Interior Design, B+H
Mr. Simone is an Italian interior chief designer. He joined B+H in 2013. He has 20 years of rich experience and passion in the field of architecture and interior design. After graduating from the prestigious European School of Design in Milan, Italy, Simeone has been involved in the interior design of a large number of office, commercial and exhibition space projects, as well as the design of furniture and lighting products. He is committed to the design of the space, which not only makes the space function seamlessly, but also makes the space look not only beautiful, but also expresses the personality of the brand. Since joining B+H, Simeone has focused on the interior design of corporate headquarters and also has advanced knowledge in commercial complex projects. He explores concepts and studies the latest design trends with a keen and detailed eye to find the best design solution for the project.
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