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Nada Debs

Nada Debs

Lebanese Designer, Nada Debs
Nada Debs is a Levantine designer living and working in Beirut. Her work spans scale and discipline: from product and furniture design to one-off commissions across craft, art, fashion and interiors. Nada grew up in Japan, studied design at Rhode Island School of Design in the United States and has spent significant periods of time living and travelling the world, finding connections between different cultures. What ties her work together is her ability to distil culture and craftsmanship to create pieces of emotional resonance. She calls her approach: handmade and heartmade. Nada has a hands on, human approach to design. She brings passion to process, combining ideas, skills and techniques together from her travels, to form a unique cultural exchange. She is fascinated by the role of the human hand to tell stories and to evoke a sense of belonging. She describes craft as a feeling that goes beyond geography, language and culture. Her work is driven by a belief in the power of design to cross time and border and touch us on a primal level. She describes her design as an expression, not just of form and function, but of feeling too.Nada opened a showroom in the Saifi district of Beirut in 2003, where she shows her latest work alongside a wide range of elements from past collections. Her design studio, in a former residential building in Gemmayzeh, comprises a team of 20 from a range of disciplines. Together they work on annual collections of furniture and product sold online and stocked in key global retailers; bespoke commissions of furniture and accessories; collaborations with global furniture manufacturers; interior design concepts and services; artworks, installations and jewellery commissions.
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