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Matthew Lui

Matthew Lui

Partner, Hirsch Bedner & Associates Ltd (HBA)

As a Partner at HBA Hong Kong, boasts an impressive 30-year tenure in the hospitality design industry. His portfolio boasts a multitude of renowned hotel and hospitality projects spanning the globe. From the seamless integration of architectural elements to the meticulous selection of materials, artworks, and furnishings, Mathew is intricately involved in every facet of his projects to ensure his design vision is realized to the highest degree.

Having immersed himself in the diverse cultural tapestry of Southeast Asia and other regions worldwide, Mathew's style exudes a harmonious fusion of Western and Asian design sensibilities. He skilfully combines historical influences with opulent contemporary aesthetics, resulting in luxurious and timeless interiors.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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