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Leonid Krykhtin

Leonid Krykhtin

Founder, Design Director of LKDN
United Kingdom
Leonid Krykhtin is an architect and a multidisciplinary designer based in London and Shanghai. Previously he worked as a lead designer at Zaha Hadid Architects (London) for 7 years. He has over 15 years of experience in the practise of architecture and design. Leonid received prizes and became a finalist in numerous international design competitions: Best Office Awards (Russia), A-Design Award (Europe), Masters In Creativity Award (China), Saul Bell Design Prize (USA), LG OLED Space Design (UK), and SBID Award (UK). Since 2013, Leonid has been branching out into other design fields to pursue his professional ambitions. Product design, fashion design, industrial design, and transportation design have given him new opportunities to explore a cross-disciplinary approach to design, thereby expanding his creative repertoire. He strongly believes that drawing from different disciplines, we can enrich projects through the crossbreeding of design techniques, uses of materials, and modes of production. To Leonid, this is one of the meanings of innovation. Besides his professional practice, Leonid did talks and architectural workshops in Russia, United Kingdom, India, and China as both a visiting tutor and a lecturer. He believes that education and research are essential for the exchange and formulation of new ideas.
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