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Leo Li

Leo Li

Managing Partner of HBA
In 2003, Leo Ying Li joined the HBA San Francisco office with diversified and international design concepts. Because of his design major, he personally participates in the design and management of all aspects from the design concept to its implementation in every project designed by himself. In 2010, Leo Ying Li relocatedto Shanghai,with the goal to develop HBA’s design services in China.In just three years, after the Shanghai headquarters, Beijing and Guangzhou offices were established in China. HBA’s design services in China grew out of nothing under his leadership, and gradually became an important plot within the scope of HBA’s global design. From a designer to a manager, as a managing partner, he cares about design quality, client relations, as well as sustainable development of the business,and determined to offer the most professional service to every client who decides to choose and trust HBA.
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