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Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou

Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou

Founder / Creative Director of Vermilion Zhou Design Group
Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou was influenced by and learned a great deal from European culture and travel while studying in Spain. His design is informed by a blend of western logical thinking and the pursuit of the oriental lifestyle reflects a fusion of eastern and western culture and his deep Chinese cultural roots. Present: Vermilion Zhou Design Group, Founder/Creative Director. Education: University Politécnica de Catalunya ,Barcelona, Spain; Interior Design, MA. Vermilion Zhou Design Group was founded in Shanghai, by Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou (Founder / Creative Director), Vera Chu (Founder / Lighting Design Director) in 2002. More than 800 interior design projects have been accomplished across countries in Asia-Pacific. Vermilion Zhou Design Group’s talented team has provided services to a variety of clients, ranging from public spaces, residential spaces to commercial spacessuch as hotels, offices, restaurants. At Vermilion Zhou Design Group, never stop breaking boundaries and embracing new possibilities. Most importantly, the aspiration for the oriental modern lifestyle is what our designs are built upon, which also forms Vermilion Zhou’s unique identity in the field. To achieve a fine balance between functions and aesthetics in the design, the team is made up of creative minds from architecture, interior, lighting, graphic, and product design backgrounds to gain different perspectives in each project. The ultimate goal is to succeed in creating highly functional designs that take people on a joyful and exquisite journey. KuangMing (Ray) Chou’s design philosophy is based on the idea that design thinking always starts with people, that designers have to get to grips with what it is the client really needs, and then provide the right professional service with a better life in mind.
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