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Ken Hu

Ken Hu

President & Principal Partner of CCD
Ken Hu has over 35 years’ experience in architecture and interior design industry. He is the Master of Architecture in South China University of Technology, under the tutelage of the famous architect Mo Bozhi, researched on Chinese traditional courtyard and modern architectural design, and completed many award-winning works in the Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology. In 1993, he joined the HBA Los Angeles headquarters for 15 years and became a partner of the HBA. Until 2008, he returned to China and became a partner of CCD. Together with Mr. Joe Cheng, he brought CCD from China to a more globalized platform and completed more than one hundred international hotel projects. From architects to interior design, from Chinese local traditions to Western design culture, these rich learning and overseas work experience have enabled him to form a unique personal insight and international vision, which always endows the project with unique innovation.
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