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Ke Xie

Ke Xie

SYY Design Founder
Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute ,majoring in oil painting. Engaged in space design for more than 20 years. Good at using simple and plain materials, attaches great importance to the narrative of space, attaches great importance to people's emotional needs, respects local culture, combines traditional technology with contemporary aesthetics, and creates an Oriental humanistic aesthetic space with a world context. Has participated in the second, fifth and ninth dragon TV 「 Dream Reformer 」public benefit program, transforming "The House under the Mountain", "The Home of five Generations" and "The Home of five single sisters". Representative works in the field of hotel include Pure House, Sunyata · Meili, Sunyata · Chongqing, Sisan·Hupao 1934, Sisan·Shuanglang.Pure House won The gold award in The High-end Hotel category of The 14th 'Annual HD Awards;The work Sunyata · Meili has won AHEAD ASIA 2020 Best Hotel Conversion. Found the life aesthetics collection brand 「 Yiji 」, collecting and discovering beauty, collection of dozens of international independent designer brands and old beauty;Establish the lifestyle brand 「 Gewai restaurant 」, maintain the imagination in the fusion of food and beverage innovation, stimulate the vitality and interest of the current life; The hotel brand 「 Sisan 」 is established to create a reserved and comfortable small holiday space and find the spirit of nature and local culture.
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3 - 6 June 2021

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