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Jie (Jay) Zhao

Jie (Jay) Zhao

Head of Delos Labs, Executive Vice President of Delos
United States
Jie (Jay) Zhao, Ph.D. Dr. Jie Zhao is the Head of Delos Labs and an Executive Vice President at Delos. Delos is a wellness real estate and technology company headquartered in New York City, the creator of the WELL Building Standard. Jie leads the effort to develop innovative science-based solutions for improving human health and well-being in spaces where we live, work, sleep and play. We are positively impacting lives in 150,000+ buildings every day. Dr. Zhao has more than 10 years of scientific research and product innovation experience in the field of Human-building Interactions (HBI). Through an evidence-based and data-driven approach, his work focuses on two aspects of HBI. One is to discover the impact of different indoor environmental elements on human health and well-being, such as lighting, air quality, biophilia, acoustics, and thermal comfort. Two is to develop innovative and tangible products and services that improve human health and well-being based on scientific foundation. Prior to Delos, He worked at Lutron, and received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Tongji University.
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