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Hongyu Guo

Hongyu Guo

Professor, Guangzhou University; Urban Color Expert
Prof. Guo Hongyu has long been committed to the research, design, education and promotion of urban color planning. As the project principal, She has directed and completed 18 urban color planning projects for 14 important historical and cultural cities in China, including Guangzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen, Zhuhai and Shaoxing etc. These projects have demonstrated substantial benefits and a noteworthy social impact. As the recipient of 43 international design awards, including prestigious honors such as Architecture Master Prize (USA), Grands Prix du Design Awards (Canada), ICONIC AWARDS (Germany), A' Design Award & Competition (Italy), and Good Design Awards (USA), she stands out as the most internationally awarded designers in the field of urban color planning in China. Additionally, she has received five domestic awards, including "Colors of China” Award and Chinese Excellent Urban Planning and Design Award. Prof. Guo’s outstanding achievements in urban color design and research have positioned her as a finalist in the Architect of the Year and Innovation in Architecture Award categories at The Female Frontier Awards: Powered by World Architecture News in 2021. In addition, she has clinched a medal in the China Design Award category at the 16th Dragon Design Foundation Award, along with the Outstanding Contribution Award and Prominent Contribution Award in the field of color design in China.
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