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Hellmen Deng

Hellmen Deng

Rural co-prosperity, Project Manager
As a passionate rural revitalization planner, I've dedicated my career to driving the growth and development of rural communities. With a wealth of experience under my belt, I've emerged as a trailblazer in rural revitalization across Guangdong Province, making a tangible impact on the lives of residents. During my transformative five-year journey in the village, I've delved deep into the local culture and lifestyle, forging strong connections with the villagers. Through open communication and collaboration, I've successfully spearheaded the execution of numerous rural projects. I firmly believe that we can craft practical and effective rural revitalization plans by truly grasping the local realities. Rest assured, I'll continue to pour my heart and soul into the development of rural revitalization.
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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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