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Grace Chen

Grace Chen

Marketing Manager of ABET LAMINATI China
Before joining ABET LAMINATI China in 2008, I had 10 years of experience in advertising and graphic design. Since joining ABET LAMINATI, I have always been adhering to the company's philosophy -- the spirit of sincere collaboration and world designers. For many years, I have been responsible for the market promotion and brand implementation of ABET LAMINATI in China (including new product promotion, sample book design, display, exhibition execution, new media operation, etc.), and assisted partners to complete several projects in mainland China. The company arranged to go to the headquarters of Italy for study and communication. Every year, we learned from the Milan Design Exhibition, during which we learned and communicated with a number of design masters, including Aldo Cibic, Paolo Navone, Francesco Sani, etc.
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