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Fiona Bao

Fiona Bao

Co-founder of Groundwork
For the past five years, Groundwork has been working with child psychologists and educators to develop new school buildings and contribute to the well-being of children and students. From 2013 to 18, Groundwork was a member of Hong Kong government. Through public participation, it studied and wrote policies on children's playgrounds and hawker stalls in the future. Manfred Yuen, founder of Groundwork New City, was a guest speaker at the Children Friendly City Forum jointly organized by UNICEF and Shenzhen Women's Federation in 2019. Groundwork New Town not only imparts values and buildings for previous schools, but also provides them with interior design and furniture suited to the school's philosophy. Even for the school to establish our brand, uniform, graphic Design and so on because we have always believed in "complete Design (Total Design). In recent years, we in the international Design awards, on the stage and was lucky enough to get the trust of the multinational companies and local governments and the realization of entrust in the global architecture, art and social projects (Italy, Germany,UK, China, Singapore, Cambodia and Hong Kong). We are honored to have established two of the best kindergartens in Shenzhen. We hope to continue to contribute to children and education. In 2019, Manfred Yuen was invited to deliver a TEDx speech in Shenzhen, advocating the social responsibility of humanistic architecture and architects.
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