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Echo Tian

Echo Tian

HDA Founder/Lighting Design Consultant, Member of SIID (Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design)
Echo Tian, Lighting Designer, HDA Founder/Lighting Design Consultant, Member of SIID (Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design), EMDM, Politecnico di Milano. Being the founder of HDA, Echo Tian has been in the lighting environment design industry for more than 16 years. She is a explorer and a witness of this area of expertise. Echo Tian is a graduate of EMDM of Politecnico di Milano. She is also a member of SIID. Since the founding of HDA in 2010, she led the team as a lighting consultant to complete several known projects in commercial complexes and real estate. They include China Resources Center Shenyang, China Resources Center Taiyuan, MixC World Shenzhen, Joy City Chongqing, COFCO Qianhai Pan-Asia Headquarter, DJI Headquarters, Culture and Sports Center Dashahe etc. With further research and exploration into light environment, Echo Tian has shifted her focus onto city public spaces, cultural and medical projects as a light environment consultant. Additionally she has finished lighting design of Shenzhen Airport Gateway and South area, Cloud Centre Zhenwanhui Shenzhen, Children and Mother’s Hospital Futian, Ecological Park Xili Shenzhen etc. She has always been a messenger of the importance of light environment design, on highlighting the emotional impact light environment has on our emotions. She inherited the harmonious blending and breaking limitations in light environment design standards. She uses logical design strategies to present moving and emotional lighting artworks. She is currently focused on studying the seamless combination of light and shadow, space and art.
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