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Ben Wu

Ben Wu

Founder of WS Space / W.Design
Ben Wu, Founder of WS Space / W.Design, Curator and famous designer. Ben Wu studied traditional Chinese ink painting with Mr. Fu Wenyan, the last student of the master Zhang Daqian. With a deep-rooted background in traditional Chinese art, he has integrated modern design language with oriental aesthetics, to create the " Oriental Modernism" design philosophy, which expresses oriental aesthetics in contemporary spaces. From design to lifestyle, " Oriental Modernism" has been widely influential in China and abroad, and has won him the 24th Andrew Martin International Interior Design of the Year Award, which was praised by Western mainstream media as "representing the rise of Chinese design". Ben Wu’s work spans from public spaces, hotels, cultural and creative communities to private clubs and luxury residences, as well as art curation. In 1998, he established WS Group, and has since developed multiple design and lifestyle brands including W.Design, WS Space, Weimo, and Haishang.
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