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Anna Liu

Anna Liu

Director of Tonkin Liu
United Kingdom
Anna is a qualified architect with over 18 years of experience in architecture, art, and landscape. Her experience has encompassed work in the UK, China, Japan, the US where she grew up, and in Taiwan where she was born. In her early career, Anna worked for Arup Associates in Hong Kong, London, and Manchester, on projects such as Hong Kong Central Station and Manchester Stadium. She set up Tonkin Liu with Mike Tonkin in 2002. Together they taught at the Architectural Association School of Architecture for four years, exploring studies of patterns in nature and in human nature, an area they explored further years later with their students at the University of Westminster and at universities in Japan and Taiwan. Anna uses nature as the ultimate design tool, to optimize the potentials in each project, and develop simple, enduring stories. Seeking conceptual clarity that would be legible and memorable, these stories often embody universal emblems derived from nature.From thehuman scale to the urban scale, eachprojectis considered as a holistic entity, an artwork that is at once social,structural, andenvironmental.Sunlight, rainfall, wind, elementsthat nature gives generously for free, are integrated into designs, creating interactive, active, andparticipatory architecture.
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