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Aidan Walker

Aidan Walker

Forum Programme Director, Design Shenzhen and Design Shanghai
United Kingdom
AIDAN WALKER MA (CANTAB), FRSA. Aidan’s MA in History from Cambridge University was a highly appropriate education, he claims, for his ‘first career’ in furniture design and cabinetmaking – itself an admirable preparation for 20 years of writing for, editing and directing design magazines. He has editorially directed almost all the professional UK design magazines, including FX, Blueprint, Design, Grand Designs, icon and onoffice. As Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and director of Aidan Walker Associates, he now creates, curates, presents and chairs conference and seminar programmes such as the New York Times’ Art for Tomorrow conference in Doha, Qatar and the conference and seminar programmes for Design Shanghai and Grand Designs Live. He is also Content Director of ‘culture travel’ channel and its related awards scheme Leading Culture Destinations. His book ‘The Ecology of the Soul’ was published in early 2016, and Aidan is now working on developing its message with specific reference to mindfulness in the practice of design. He lives in rural Sussex with his family, his dogs, his race-prepped Ducati and his guitar.
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3 - 6 June 2021

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