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New Product Launch



(08/06/2023 Global Debut) To bring the beauty of the past into the ever-changing present,we founded ZHUFU. We believe that the Oriental aesthetics takes root in daily life, which can only be inspired by capturing the beauty of the moment from all the unnoticed details. From the quietness of country life, to the noble but lost craft. These beautiful things, with the passage of time, may fall into oblivion, or has become something that only a few people can insist on. Our goal is to collect those lost pearls, and refresh memory of the good old days with the beauty of aroma. We insist on using essential oil, and bringing the beauty of smell and spirit with natural creation. Pursuing environmental-friendly practices, and responding to the gift of nature with proper packaging and design. We believe that Beauty is appreciable without any boundaries And can bring back the fine life aesthetics that was left behind In the shadow of bamboo A life of ease is approachable.