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New Product Launch



(09/06/2023 Global Debut) "Chinese people value family very much and it’s quite common that three or four generations live together. Vitarte Chic HomeLift is designed especially for Chinese family, which can be applied to almost all kinds of houses. Its space-efficient design takes up only 1 square meter with minimum size. And the space utilization rate is up to 74.6%. There are 2 different Art Wall choices. With lighting behind the Art wall, it gives you the luxury feeling. The Bamboo Art Wall makes the environment more elegant and comfortable. The 2 different designed ceilings are also wished to bring good luck to every family. Textured materials of Vitarte Chic HomeLift improves the life quality. The color adopts a unique spray molding process, which is more environmentally friendly. The mat made of woven vinyl is elegant in design and color, decorative in space and easy to take care of. The inside of the large glass door handle and the surface of the call button are made of ALCANTARA leather, with a gentle and comfortable texture to eliminate cold and hard."