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Model 597 (table lamp+floor lamp) by Gianfranco Frattini

"First released in 1961, the Model 597 by Italian virtuoso Gianfranco Frattini is the lamp that launched him as a lighting designer. Short and cylindrical in shape, the Model 597 is ftted with multiple bulbs and quirky fringes that disguiseitsfunctionalversatility.Itsuniqueandplayfulform perfectly encapsulates Frattini’s extraordinary approach to the aesthetics of light. Frattini understood that light has an unparalleled power to make or break a space. Experienced at creating interiors for public spaces such as restaurants and nightclubs, he appreciated the importance of modulating light to create nuances within an interior – forming areas of both functional focus and warm, subtle radiance that contribute to the atmosphere and sense of place. Frattini’s thinking led directly to the development of the Model 597, a lamp conceived to combine direct and indirect light, using a dual switch and a fringed curtain to soften the bulbs’ glow. The fringe gives the light texture and volume, while evoking the decorative features of a traditional lampshade."



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