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1972 pendant Bamboo by PaavoTynell

"Encompassing several variations of a classic 1950s Tynell design, this family of classic ceiling-mounted pendants expands on the design language he developed in 1948 for the 1965 pendant. There are two shade material options – one in canvas (model 1967) and one in bamboo (model 1972) – both natural materials selected for their performance and durability. Tynell’s original 1972 pendant featured a shade made from slats of Finnish aspen. This has been updated to bamboo – a material that shares the visual quality, durability, and fexibility of aspen, but which is fast-growing and therefore more rapidly renewable. Similar to the other Tynell lamps 9205 and 9602, the bamboo slats are hand sewn into a pleated mat and fastened by hand to the wire frame, with a linen liner in between. This directs light down towards the base and creates a diffuse glow around the shade and upward, as the bamboo slats are penetrated by the light. The process of weaving the bamboo into this pattern demands a high degree of specialist skill, requiring two craftspeople to complete the complicated process of pleating and fastening."



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