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New Product 2024


Zeph modularization units by Yinchun Lian

(10/2024 Global Debut) The application of the Flamingo frame modular structure is that a set takes flat to three-dimensional, connecting pieces and the combination of aluminum alloy is the basic component element, which can be flexibly combined, fast and stable, safe and environmentally friendly mold block building system. The whole system is centered on the connector, combined with various curved structures of different sizes to establish a flat frame space to ensure the efficient stability of the system and absolutely 100% sustainable recycling. Flamingos system is highly extensible, malleable and adaptive, and its aluminum alloy is lightweight, so that users can flexibly install according to their own needs, including glass, fabric, melamine board, aluminum composite board, metal plate and other filling materials and accessories, Flamingos structure has been widely used in exhibitions, event Spaces, office systems, stores, etc. Specialty stores, retail, and other fields, we are 100% customizable and recyclable for customers. The Flamingo Hifan unit on the system structure is characterized by its flexible and modular design principles and the wide range of equipment applications, the system structure can be used in every field to achieve flexible use. The high functionality of the system architecture is based on the principle of logical, independent architecture. Design changes can be provided using a modular, flexible approach. Restoration of form and perfect structure are our design guidelines.The use of high-quality materials ensures the service life of the structure and its sustainability and environmental protection. The structure of the system is formed by the interaction of connecting parts, supports and static construction. The fabric of the system structure is a new type of environmental protection fabric. And the system structure to form a seamless graphic structure. By using tension fabric and silicone edge graphics. The new profile is easy to install with simple manual operation and does not require any tools.
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