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New Product 2024


Xiao Xiang Gongfu Tea Set by Shuang Luo

(01/06/2024 China Debut) Xiao Xiang Gongfu Tea Set is a gongfu tea set combination consisting of one teapot, three cups, and one fair cup, made from three different materials: zisha zhuni clay, special white porcelain clay, and high-borosilicate glass. While continuing the tradition of gongfu tea sets, the teapot and cups still feature the classic pairing of pottery and porcelain. The zisha zhuni clay, known for its good tea suitability, is chosen for the 120ml small-capacity teapot, which can effectively concentrate and release the aroma of oolong tea. The grainy texture of the zhusha clay adds tactile details when handling it, completing the "pear-like" shape and temperament. Three cups represent the "three mouths" which is a perfect number, reflecting the hospitality and emphasis on relationships of the Chaoshan people. The set simplifies the types of utensils used in the Chaoshan gongfu tea brewing method, adding a fair cup for more convenient and relaxed daily use.
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