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New Product 2024


Tomic's Oriental Stallion Hammered Teacups

(01/05/2024 China Debut)The design is inspired by Xu Beihong's "Horses", whose horses are renowned for their unique artistic style and deep cultural heritage. Temechem's Oriental Stallion Hammered Stewed Teacup is also the co-branded titanium cup for the 2024 Shanghai Global Equestrian Championships, which perfectly presents the competitive spirit and elegance of equestrian sports in front of the world. Adopting inside and outside pure titanium and sterling silver tea separator material, it can effectively prevent bacterial growth, and the design of multi-layer cup wall locks the fresh flavor of drinks with unique freshness preservation mechanism, long lasting stewing, and mellow tea aroma. With the stylish old-fashioned cup cover, it is of high value and significance for daily use or as a companion gift.
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