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New Product 2024


TGIF-T0 seat and back linkage patented technology, fit does not run waist

(01/06/2024 China Debut)innovative patented seat and back linkage system; selfadaptive sitting depth, zero back rubbing, do not run waist; chair back and back, lumbar, buttocks always fit, reduce the pressure on the spine and sciatic nerves; how long to sit are comfortable and at ease. Split pressure cushion, healthy, reasonable and accurate support: T0 has a split independent qualitative sponge, targeted to alleviate the pressure on the buttocks, sitting bones and legs, imitation human body modeling design, so that the distribution of force is more uniform. Front and rear dual support lumbar support, to provide support: exclusive design front lumbar support, fit the human body curve, rear lumbar support to strengthen the support, all-round to meet the different needs of users. Pistol board type armrests, 3D adjustment is more free: unique pistol board type design, players exclusive caution, oversized, ultra-thick and ultra-wide, 3D adjustment provides excellent comfort. Cool mecha chair back, the perfect combination of gaming and trend: cool mecha style, to meet the needs of sophisticated face control, highlighting the identity of gaming players.
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