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New Product 2024


[Starling] Soft Companion Doll by Yingchuan Liu

(01/06/2024 China Debut) The flourishing and withering of plants has an order, and the coming and going of migratory birds has its seasons. Nature nurtures all things invisibly, allowing life to flow endlessly. LIANGMU's 2024 fabric new series - "NEST", uses the murmuration bird as a messenger to convey the greetings of the four seasons; the needle stitches poetry, weaving the rhythm of nature.A bird building its nest embodies nature's most essential care for life. A "nest" is a home, and also LIANGMU's interpretation of a "spiritual retreat". A single flower or a leaf, the textures of nature are carefully collected, and then expressed in a new landscape through the language of fabric.Each murmuration bird is handcrafted with its own character. When it reaches your hands, it tells you warm memories. The agile and flowing shapes, combined with high-quality plush fabrics, make them feel very close to the touch of a real bird landing in your hands, as if conversing with the bird while playing with it.
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