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New Product 2024



(01/06/2024 China Debut)"Imbalance" is a unique casual low stool in the "Hard Edge" series, serving as the highlight of the entire collection with its geometric design and innovative form. Inspired by suprematism, it combines form and function, adding artistic visual impact.The low stool features a geometric design with a support structure resembling a trapezoid formed by squares, showcasing a classic black-red color combination for a modern feel. The woven seat design offers a comfortable texture, while the minimalist low backrest emphasizes the minimalist design philosophy, maintaining both practicality and comfort.The unique combination of asymmetry and balance in the "Imbalance" low stool ensures each geometric element is just right, presenting a distinctive harmony. The geometric shapes of rectangles and squares give the low stool a unique artistic touch, making it a standout piece in any space.The "Hard Edge" series casual low stool - "Imbalance," is not just furniture but also a work of art, suitable for various modern interior spaces, showcasing unique charm and functionality. By blending minimalist and suprematist design, it adds an artistic touch to the environment.
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