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New Product 2024


Qing Se collection by Guangming Zhou

(01/06/2024 China Debut)The aesthetics of the Song Dynasty undoubtedly marked a peak in the history of Chinese art, and Qing Ci(Celadon), in particular, represented the excellence of art and craft at that time. The fineness of the firing technique, the rich luster of the glaze, and the elegance and variation of the color of these porcelains show extraordinary aesthetic value. In designing our Qing Ci collection, we are committed to paying tribute to the aesthetic spirit of the Song Dynasty, using new techniques of hand craftsmanship to reinterpret the unique charm of celadon, telling a quiet and profound beyond time, hoping to create both beautiful and practical works, so that each carpet can become a work of art in your space, and extend the Song Dynasty essence of aesthetic and emotion. The carpet was woven by Nepalese knotting process, which lasted 3 months after more than 30 processes such as yarn spinning, dyeing, knotting, washing and drying, and is made of silk or bamboo silk to show the moist glaze of celadon. May our [Qing Ci Collection] take you to appreciate the elegance and Qing Se I.
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