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Purple Clay Scented Candle by Funi Ding

(04/2023 China Debut)[2023 SPRING Collection: Purple Clay Scented Candle] [Story] Purple Clay Scented Candle, based on traditional material to explore the new form. The original natural sense of purple clay is mingled with the fragrance to fill the dwelling with incense. From the freezing air and snow covering the pine trees, to the moss hanging with dew in early spring, all speaks of the flow of time and the change of seasons. [Product] This collection has two scents. One is Dewy Green Moss. It is made of bean green purple clay. The clay is lime green color, with golden flowers in the clay, elegant and generous. Dewy Green Moss fragrance notes: Top: grapefruit, wood, pear Middle: jasmine, hyacinth Base: musk, iris, cedar One is Cold Cedar. Made of snowflake clay purple clay. Which is dirty pink color, and the segmental clay points in the clay are like snow grains falling in winter, all over the pale wilderness, with a clear and elegant mood. Cold Cedar fragrance notes: Top: ilan, palm leaves Middle: white floral Base: coconut, vanilla, musk
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