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New Product 2024


Oriental Rock Language Tea Set

(01/11/2023 China Debut)Rocks have their own language. Volcanoes erupt and lava surges, cooling and solidifying over time Land's Narrate is dedicated to every tenacious life. The shape of the cup is inspired by the bronze bottles of the Shang Dynasty in China. It is slender and smooth, and the functional attributes of the utensil are retained by eliminating complexity. The undulating lines on the cup symbolize flowing rocks, reflecting the power and beauty of natural creations. This tea set has three color, white with soft touch, green with rough glaze, and peach blossom pink and aqua blue-green which have been inspired by a red porcelain goblet with a shadow-green glaze from the Yuan Dynasty, which reminds users of the oriental tea-drinking scene of pink willows and red willows, which is in line with Chinese aesthetics. These three colors all depict the perseverance and strong character of the Chinese people.
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