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New Product 2024


Locus Chair by GRADOCONTRACT x Yingjie Liang

(01/06/2024 China Debut) The name of the Locus Chair is derived from the English word "locus," meaning "place." In its context, it can be interpreted as "the place where things begin to appear" or "the center toward which actions are directed." In this design, the chair serves as the "thing" toward which human will is directed, revealing the presence of people and places. The designer hopes that users of the Locus Chair can experience a sense of authenticity from it, which is connected to the spirit of the current space. It plays a stable yet dynamic role in the space, neither overwhelming nor dominating, but rather catching the eye and conveying a sense of its uniqueness and the focused attention behind it. It is meant to be lived with for a long time, rather than becoming a disposable item. The desired atmosphere for the Locus Chair is a space that is calm yet with energy flowing.
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