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New Product 2024



(06/2024 Global Debut)UP is an open wireless headset that combines elegant design with an outstanding audio experience. Inspired by the shape of the wind against the ears while running, its non-in-ear design ensures exercise safety. The body is as light as 23.5g, and the integrated neckband system is made of food-grade liquid silicone, offering a comfortable and secure fit. The earpiece parts can be customized in color to create a unique sports style. In terms of audio, the UPPER BASS low-frequency multiplication technology delivers stunning sound effects, while the AI Clear voice enhancement technology ensures clear calls even in noisy environments. It supports both physical multifunction buttons and a tap control method for convenient operation. The IP57 dust and water resistance allows it to easily cope with various harsh environments. The packaging, with its unique style, uses FSC-certified paper, reflecting the brand's commitment to environmental conservation.
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