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New Product 2024


[Leaves] Quilted Blanket by Yingchuan Liu

(01/06/2024 China Debut) With the lightest of things - the wind flipping leaves, the earth dons a camouflage canopy of foliage. Chirp chirp, who is singing? Look closely at the outlines of those leaves - are they leaves or birds? Nature is full of harmonious and improvisational patterns. Hand-drawing, patchworking, and quilting are also forms of improvisation. Leaves, birds, and swirling threads dance, interweaving into a summer camouflage tapestry. A natural, eco-friendly enzyme washing process keeps the fabric smooth and skin-friendly. The filling combines soy fiber and ultra-fine fiber to create a light and comfortable resting experience. A bird-shaped storage pouch allows for easy carrying in various scenarios. As you nap under the camouflage canopy, sunlight filters through the gaps between leaves, casting dappled light. Close your eyes and listen to the whispers of leaves and birds.
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