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New Product 2024


Italian landscapes by Fioranese,23Bassi

(01/06/2024 China Debut)The “Italian Landscape” porcelain stoneware collection comes from the collaboration between Fioranese and the 23Bassi Architecture Firm. They share a deep love for Italy and its abundant treasures, a land from which to draw fresh ideas and look at things from a different perspective.Architectures, monuments, landscapes, works of art built by man or nature that, if observed carefully, reveal an iconic and replicable visual synthesis. Starting from three cities in central Italy, Florence, L’Aquila and Siena, as many landscape symbols were selected with which to derive the graphic ground of appeal to be reproduced on the ceramic surface. A poetic combination of art and experience gives an undeniable charm to this collection of warm and dusty colours and let us imagine the walls of the home as vast landscapes in which one can rediscover dreamlike and primordial sensations, with great freedom and imagination.
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